Roslindale Market & Deli

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In the center of Roslindale, Massachusetts, Roslindale Market & Deli is the ideal location to sample authentic Dominican cuisine. This restaurant offers a broad selection of foods on its menu, so there is something for everyone. You’re likely to find something to please your palate, whether you’re craving a heavy lunch or a sweet dessert. 

The seafood department is ideal for seafood lovers, with a wide selection of fish meals that are sure to please. For sharing with friends or family, the restaurant offers a variety of appetizers, such as empanadas and other fried foods. If you like plantains, you must try the mofongo category. Each bite of these mashed plantains is delightful since they contain various ingredients. 

At Roslindale Market & Deli, the lunch specials are very delectable. The eatery offers a range of classic Dominican cuisine in various portion sizes, including stewed chicken, fried pork, and stewed beef. Different soups, such as sancocho and sopa de Pescado, are ideal for a chilly day and are included in the soups and sopa category. The salad area offers a variety of light and energizing salads, such as tuna salad and green salad. 

Traditional Dominican breakfast dishes like “3 Golpes” and “Cuarto Bate,” sure to get your day off to a good start, are included in the breakfast/desayunos category. Tostones and fried cheese are just a few side category alternatives ideal for enhancing any meal. The dessert category, which includes sweet sweets like flan and dulce de Naranja that are ideal for sating your sweet taste, is the last. 

Roslindale Market & Deli is a must-try restaurant for everyone who enjoys authentic Dominican cuisine. This restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a good dinner because it serves fresh food daily, has a broad selection of dishes, and has a welcoming ambiance. Please place your order immediately by calling 617 325 4212 for delivery or by visiting their website at!


Roslindale Market & Deli

4140 Washington St.
Roslindale, MA 02131

617 325 4212


Monday to Sunday:
8 am to 9 pm